Morale Bonus

Game Update

Morale bonus was removed from the game in 2022. It's only working on gameworlds which started in 2021.

The morale bonus comes into effect in almost every battle within the game, it has a significant impact on the troops fighting strength and administrators loyalty reducing powers.

This bonus is critical to all battles but most especially to conquest attempt. The bonus is applied to the defender when their total account population is less than the attackers. The bonus weakens the attackerss troops fighting strength, including administrators ability to reduce loyalty.


For example, if the attackers population is 500, and defenders is 600, there will be no bonus. If the attackers and defenders populations are 700 and 150 correspondingly, the defender will receive a bonus.


Morale bonus never goes higher than +50%, even if the defender has zero population.

Combat Sim Notes

  • For attacks on Natar villages, use 500
  • For attacks on unoccupied oasis, use 500
  • For attacks on occupied oasis, use the owners account population
  • For artefact and WW villages there is no moral bonus, so the amount of inhabitants doesnt matter there.
  • World Wonder Villages are unaffected by morale bonus

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