Known bugs in Travian: Legends

This article lists all major known bugs in  Travian: Legends. It's not necessary to report those issues to us. We try to fix them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Please note that this article does not list other issues in the game, for example related to the server performance. Information about such issues can be found on the Travian: Legends Official Discord Server.

Player troops in wild oasis - fixed in 1357

There are still some cases where players troops are not properly sent home when an oasis becomes wild (that is, stops being attached to a village).

Mark as read restores deleted - fixed in 1357

Using option to mark all reports as read restores some of the deleted reports.

Village overview doesn't show troops trained in great barracks/stable - fixed in 1357

The information about troops under production shown in the village overview does not include troops trained in great barracks or great stable.

Release 1357 rollout plan

Mark as read unarchives

Using option to mark all reports as read copies the reports from archive into the reports>all section. They are not removed from the archive. This bug will be fixed in the next update after 1357.

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