Known bugs in Travian: Legends

This article lists all major known bugs in  Travian: Legends. It's not necessary to report those issues to us. We try to fix them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Please note that this article does not list other issues in the game, for example related to the server performance. Information about such issues can be found on the Travian: Legends Official Discord Server.

This list was updated on Monday 27.06.2022.

Please also check our changelogs, published in the Travian blog.

Changelogs & Game Updates

Weird training time

Sometimes it happens that a single unit training is finished faster than it should. However, the remaining training time of that unit is not removed from the queue, so the total training time of the whole group of units remains the same and can make it seem as if the reamining troops in the queue take too long time to train. Will be fixed in patch 1598.6. 

Line breaks between medals in profile

When you add multiple medals in your profile (or in the alliance profile), every medal graphic is places in another line, regardless of how you add them. Will be fixed in patch 1598.6. 

Incorrect sorting in Rally Point Outgoing Troops

While we fixed the issue with wrong sorting when using "last sent" option, we accidently broke the default sorting of the outgoing troops list. Will be fixed in patch 1598.6.

Hero doesn't heal on level up

In some rare cases the hero is not fully healed after gaining a new level. Please contact us by writing a new ticket if this has happened to you.

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