Known bugs in Travian: Legends

This article lists all major known bugs in Travian: Legends. It's not necessary to report those issues to us. We try to fix them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Just so you know, this article does not list other issues in the game, for example, related to the server performance. Such issues can be found on the Travian: Legends Official Discord Server.

Please also check our changelogs, published in the Travian blog.

Changelogs & Game Updates


This list was updated on 15.05.2024.

[TL-13349] Territorial servers: Alliance: Canceling delayed kick from alliance cases an infobox with wrong text

When a member is kicked out of an alliance, there is usually a delay before the actual removal takes effect. However, if the alliance leader cancels this delayed kick, an infobox is generated with text that does not accurately reflect the member's current status. This can create confusion and potential issues for the kicked member.

[TL-13347] Hero Auctions: "Finished Bids", "Delete" and "Select All" buttons don't work correctly

The listed buttons above are not working as they are meant to work.

[TL-13346] Hero Auctions: The silver accounting table isn't sorted

Transactions in the Silver tab in the Auction house are not sorted as they should be. 

[TL-13103] Hero's mansion: Oasis bonus for each type always shows 100%, not the correct value. 

You don't have to worry about this issue as it is only a display problem, which we are currently addressing.

[TL-12926] Battle reports: Swords icon is green in too many cases

You may see the green swords icon displayed incorrectly in battle reports. We will try to repaint them as soon as possible.

[TL-10644] Hero health is not resetting after gaining a new level

When a hero gains a new level, his health doesn't reset. If this happens, please get in touch with our Customer Service for assistance.

[TL-11571] Diet artefact: Doesn't apply immediately when activated by deactivation of another artefact

When obtaining a new artefact while already possessing many, the effect of a diet artefact may not activate if the deactivation of another artefact triggers it. 

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