Known bugs in Travian: Legends

This article lists all major known bugs in  Travian: Legends. It's not necessary to report those issues to us. We try to fix them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Please note that this article does not list other issues in the game, for example related to the server performance. Information about such issues can be found on the Travian: Legends Official Discord Server.

This list was updated on 14.10.2022.

Please also check our changelogs, published in the Travian blog.

Changelogs & Game Updates

No numbers of incoming reinforcements
Reinforcements from alliance/confederacy display ? instead of the amount of troops. This will be fixed in the coming update. Note that this feature is part of plus account.

Broken cancelling of lvl 2 upgrade

Cancelling an upgrade of a building to level 2 while level 1 was still under construction was causing an error and was destroying the building completely. This will also be fixed in the coming update.

Editing alliance profile removes line breaks

If you edit the text in the alliance description, after saving all line breaks are replaced by spaces. Going into the edit menu again deletes even those. This will be fixed in one of the future updates.

Trade reports cannot be deactivated

If you don't have enough merchants for a trade route, that trade route cannot be deactivated. Workaround: you can disable the trade route after editing it and lowering the amount of resources to send. This issue will be fixed in one of the future updates.

Upgrade 25% faster causes two buildings to be queued

Using the feature to build at 25% reduced time after watching an ad is causing two building levels to be queued when the player has enough resources to afford it. Please be aware of this whenever you' re using the feature.

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