This article lists all major known bugs in  Travian: Legends. It's not necessary to report those issues to us. We try to fix them as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Please note that this article does not list other issues in the game, for example related to the server performance. Information about such issues can be found on the Travian: Legends Official Discord Server.

Queued celebrations time not displayed in the village overview

If you have ongoing and queued celebrations in the Town Hall, the time displayed in the village overview sometimes does not include the queued celebration. It appears this can happen (or get corrected) if you switch your active village. We are looking into it.

Not possible to attack with catapults

When Rally Point has level 1 or 2, it is not possible to send an attack with catapults. We are working to fix it, in the meantime please upgrade Rally Point at least to level 3, to be able to attack with catapults.

Not possible to send merchants with active One Time Offer notification

It's currently not possible to send merchants through the marketplace, if you have One Time Offer active with notification shown in top right corner (this is happening when OTO will soon expire). As a workaround, you can close the notification (with X button next to it), refresh the page and then send merchants.

Captcha on login/activation doesn't work properly

We have received reports that some players cannot login or register in game, because of a problem with captcha not appearing or the solution not getting accepted.

Update: the issue with captcha on the gameworld login page was fixed. If you have trouble logging in on the mainpage, please go directly to the gameworld's page and try there, it should work.

We are still looking into the issues with the login on the mainpage and with the registration.