This article lists all major known bugs and issues in Travian: Legends and Shadow Empires. Keep in mind that usually the issues mentioned in the "Travian: Legends" section affect all game versions, including Shadow Empires.


Fixed in 882.8 Negative silver from selling items

When selling items on auctions, the log displays silver as if it was taken from the seller, not given to him. This is only a display issue, the actual transation works correctly.

Fixed in 882.8 Various items have helmet icon on auction

The icon shown in the auciton list is wrong for most of items, it shows helmet.

Fixed in 882.8 Switching between villages doesn't open the same building

When you are in a specific building page and you switch villages, it opens a different building or shows the village center.

Fixed in 882.8 Opening Hero Mansion shows an error page for some players

This only happens in rare cases when you conquered an oasis very long time ago.

Fixed in 882.8 Coordinate 0 is incorrectly pasted as nothing

When you click "send troops" or "send merchants" on target and one of the coordinates is 0, the game does not paste this number correctly.

Fixed in 882.8 Changing evasion settings is not saved

In Rally Point, if "management" tab is not marked as favourite and you try to change your evasion settings, the change is not saved.

Workaround: See the screenshot below. Open management tab, click the "Set tab" button in top right to set this tab as favourite, then proceed to change the evasion setting. Afterwards you may set different tab as favourite if you want.

Fixed in 882.4 Farmlist - more than 100 entries in a list

It is currently possible in certain circumstances to go over the limit of 100 entries in a farmlist. We're going to fix it. Please note that it may mean some of the entries could be deleted when this bug is fixed.

Payment window doesn't open

When trying to make a purchase, a pop-up with selected payment method does not open and there is no error message. This is because browser may be blocking the pop-up from opening. It's not a bug in game.

The issue is common on Safari. Here you can find instructions about the pop-ups blocking in Safari:

To fix the issue, you need to allow pop-ups.


Fixed in 882.4 Victory Points per day in Regional top 5

Alliance Victory Points per day shown in regional top 5 tab are currently not always correct. Regions that belong to enemy factions do not really give Victory Points, despite the information that is displayed.