Incoming attack warning in village list

The incoming attack village list feature is a premium feature that is part of Travian Plus and gives additional warning of incoming attacks.

This option causes a display of red swords if there are attacks on any of your villages. If an attack is sent, swords are displayed in the village list, which is on the right side of the screen.

Visibility of village list attacks (Travian Plus feature)

Attacks marked with a green ball in the Rally Point will no longer be shown as swords in the village list.

Please note: this doesn't affect the alliance list on gameworlds that show incoming attacks there.

Flagging of attacks

Only on Special Servers

Visibility of alliance list attacks

The alliance member list will only show attacks and raids where the number of incoming troops is equal or bigger than the Rally Point level.

In other words, if the Rally Point of the target village is level 20, all attacks and raids with less than 20 units won’t be displayed on the alliance page.* The number of attacks and raids will be shown separately.

*An active Eagle Eyes ancient power effect will not have an impact on this visibility.

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