Farm Lists

The Farm list is a premium feature and part of the Gold Club. You can use the farm list to make your raiding quicker and more easily accessible.

To set up a new farm list, go to your rally point and select the farm list tab. If the tab is gold then you will need to purchase the gold club to activate it.

From the farm list tab, you can access your existing farm lists sorted by village, edit a list, send the list and of course create a new list.

Once the list is created your can  start adding targets. You can either select it manually or from the list of the last raids sent from the village you created the farm list for.

Each entry in the list specifies the units that will be used for the raid.

After the farmlist is prepared, you can send out raids to all its targets with one click. It is also possible to open the list and manually select entries to start. Moreover, you can deactive some entries, so that they are ignored until you activate them again.

Note: you can also use farmlist for spying. If you select only spy units in an entry, sending it will send a spy mission instead of a normal raid.

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