Walls and Rams

By building a wall you can protect your village against the barbarian hordes of your enemies. A higher level wall will give your troops a higher defensive bonus. 

Teutonic Earthen Wall

The earth wall can only be built by Teutons and gives low defence bonuses but is extremely hard to destroy.

Gaulic Palisade

The Palisade can only be built by Gauls and is average in both the given defence bonus and amount of rams needed to destroy it.

Roman City Wall

The city wall can only be built by Romans and gives the highest defence bonus but is extremely easy to destroy.

Egyptian Stone Wall

The Stone Wall can only be built by Egyptians, its defence bonus is like the Gaulish Palisade, but it's much more durable.

Hun Makeshift Wall

The Makeshift Wall can only be built by Huns, its defence bonus is worse than the Teutonic Earth Wall and its durability is comparable with the Roman City Wall.

Spartan Defensive Wall

The Defensive Wall can only be built by Spartans. Its defense bonus is like Teutonic Earth Wall and its durability is comparable with Gaulic Palisade.


The Ram is a heavy support weapon for your infantry and cavalry. Its task is to destroy enemy walls and therefore increase your troops’ chances of overcoming the enemy's fortifications.

When there's no defence, rams destroy walls almost as well as catapults destroy buildings. All fortifications give a small number of defensive points per level. However, if there is a defensive army present, it gains a defensive bonus that is much more important. Another important attribute of fortifications is their durability - the higher it is, the more difficult it is for rams to destroy the walls.

NameBaseDurabilityDefensive Bonus
Teutonic Earth Wall6 defensive points per level52% per level
Gaulic Palisade8 defensive points per level22.5% per level
Roman City Wall10 defensive points per level13% per level
Egyptian Stone Wall8 defensive points per level42.5% per level
Hun Makeshift Wall6 defensive points per level11.5% per level
Spartan Defensive Wall10 defensive points per level22% per level

Note that the defensive bonus for each next level is multipying the previous level bonus, so it gets slightly higher the higher the level. For example Roman Wall on level 1 provides 3% bonus, but on level 10 it provides around 34.4% bonus (1.03^10), instead of flat 30%.

The destruction capability of rams is affected by upgrade level, the same as catapults.

Game Update

Updated for 2022 servers

  • Egyption Stone Wall resistance to rams decreased from 5 to 4.


Server started in 2021 have the following values

Egyptian Stone Wall, Defence Points 8, Durability 5, Defensive bonus 2.5% per level

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