Canceling Actions

Certain actions can be cancelled by clicking the red cross (Cancel).

Building orders or extensions:

The following graphic explains the resource loss you have by cancelling a building order. This is to prevent abuse if you are under attack.

The difference of resources between the costs for the new level and the current level will be lost if one cancels the extension.

Sending troops:

Within the first 90 seconds, you can cancel troops that have been sent away by clicking the red cross (Cancel) in the rally point. It does not matter if the troops are on a raid, a normal attack or sent as reinforcement.

The following actions cannot be cancelled:

  • Researches in the academy/smithy
  • Merchants at the marketplace
  • Training of troops
  • Celebrations
  • Placed bid on an item

Why can these actions not be cancelled?

The main reason is so that they are not used to hide resources against enemy attacks, like an extra cranny.

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