Welcome to Travian: Legends, expert strategy game! It has plenty of interesting features and deep mechanics that make the game so good. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but with the help of this knowledge base, you will easily figure out the first steps – and practice for the months and years to come.

Before the start In the gameWhat next?

Travian: Legends is played over several months. Your first game might not last that long – it’s best to treat it as a practice. Don’t be afraid to start over if things don’t go as you planned. Once you are familiar with the game, your next start will go much more smoothly.

Game modes

There are various game versions available, for the start we recommend a regular gameworld in your region at x1 speed. Keep in mind you cannot play on 2 avatars on the same gameworld, but you can play on as many gameworlds as you want.

Game Versions And Speed


We have 6 distinct tribes that play quite differently from each other.


Ready for action?

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