Sitters and Duals

The role of the sitter is to log into your account whilst you are unavailable to look after it for you and to respond to any issues that may have come up. As a result of this, they have the ability to change most things within your account, so you should only choose sitters that you absolutely trust.

Dual vs sitter

A Dual is someone who does not already have an account on the server who you invite to play your account with you with the password. You can have multiple duals playing with you.

A Sitter is someone who already plays the server who you can give limited access to your account to assist while you are unavailable.

Adding a Sitter Sitter RestrictionsAdding a Dual

You may add a sitter on the "Sitter" tab of your preferences and give permissions. You can also view the accounts you have permission to sit for.

You may only have a maximum of two sitters at any one time. You may also allow or deny sitters to do certain things.


The Buy and spend gold permission is important, with it set they can purchase gold on your account and spend without limits, refunds cannot be given for gold spent by the sitter.

Sitter Login

When you are added as a sitter for another account you can log in to the account by logging out of your account and then logging in with their user name but your password. You will be granted access as if you had typed their password (so they must not share their password with you).

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