What is so special about the capital?

  • The capital cannot be conquered at all.
  • It is impossible to build the great barracks or great stable in the capital.
  • You can build the stonemason's lodge in the capital. This building increases building durability by up to 300%.
  • You can extend the resource fields in the capital infinitely, at least theoretically.

How do I choose my capital?

Your first village is your capital whether you build a residence or palace or command centre in it or not. Only after naming another village your capital, it will lose this status. This can be done by building a palace in the village you want to name your new capital and clicking the link "Make this village your capital". To be able to do so you need a palace level 1 and you have to enter your password to confirm this change. 

The palace can only be built in one village per avatar a time but you can demolish it and build in a different village to move the capital.

A village containing a wonder of the world cannot be named as capital - you will be able to build a palace in it, but the option to make this village as capital will be greyed out.

If your palace is demolished the village will still remain the capital until you change it.

What happens when I change the capital?

If you change your capital, the prior capital village will lose all resource field upgrades above level 10 and the stonemason's lodge as well as a brewery (in case of Teutons), will be destroyed. Furthermore the great barracks and great stable will be lost if they are in the new capital. Once the capital is changed the palace can be demolished as normal.


There is no way to undo the capital changing!

What happens if my capital gets destroyed?

Your largest village with an administration building becomes the new capital.

How do I know which is my enemy's capital?

A (capital) tag marks the player's capital in the player overview.

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