Settling villages

Each player starts the game with a lone village. Upgrading its resource fields and buildings, as well as raiding oases and inactive neighbours is an easy way to grow, but a real boost to progress is getting more villages.


Settling new villages not only allows to quickly increase resource production, it’s also a way to strengthen a specific part of the map together with your alliance, and it allows getting special spots on the map with different resource field distribution, especially croppers with 9, 15 or on some gameworlds even 18 crop fields instead of the 6 in regular villages.


To be able to settle a new village, you need these:

  • Culture Points, generated by all buildings
  • 3 settlers
  • 750 wood, clay, iron and crop


To get Culture Points, grow your village and upgrade its buildings.

Culture Points

Residence costs on Kirilloid


To get settlers, you need Residence, Palace or Command Centre upgraded enough to get a free expansion slot.

Expansion Slots

Once you have everything, find the spot where you want to settle on the map and send your settlers!


Keep in mind that it’s crucial to coordinate with your alliance about where you should expand. This is especially critical in scenarios with the regional map, as every village is used to fight for regional control there.

Special Servers - Regional Map


Of course instead of doing all the work settling the new village, one could conquer a village from another player or Natars. While tempting, this is even more difficult task and you need to prepare well for it.

Conquering Villages

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