Beginner's Protection

There is beginner's protection in Travian, which means that you are under special protection for a certain time after you started playing the game.

The length of your beginner's protection is stated in an automatic message you get from support when activating. It depends on the speed of the gameworld (see the table at the bottom of this article).

Protection Limitations:

  • No troops can be sent to a player who is still under beginner’s protection (this includes any type of troop movements: scouting, reinforcements, attack/raid).
  • A player cannot send troops to other players when in beginners protection (this includes any type of troop movements: scouting, reinforcements, attack/raid).
  • It is not possible to end the protection earlier.
  • A player can attack/raid Natarian villages and unoccupied oases even when in beginner’s protection.
  • A player has the possibility to extend his beginners protection once. In the last few hours of standard protection, you will get an infobox message with the possibility to extend it. Once the beginner’s protection ends, it cannot be regained.
  • It is not possible to send resources while in beginners protection.
  • It is possible to receive resources from an avatar that is not in beginner’s protection anymore while in beginner’s protection.
  • While in beginner’s protection, if you are below 200 pop it is not possible to accept trades, which are worse than 1:1, after that the limit is removed.
  • However, it is possible to put up marketplace offers that are worse than 1:1. No-one can accept them, but that can be used as an extra room for resource storage.

Protection Duration:

The beginner's protection lengths are as follows:

1x speed 2x speed  3x speed5x speed10x speed
  • Beginners protection basic: 5 days
  • Additional days on request: 3 days

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