Vacation Mode

Players who need to take a break from the game for any reason and cannot find sitters can activate Vacation mode in the preferences. The maximum number of days is 15, the minimum is 1,  depending on the server speed. 

The formula is days/speed.

Overview Conditions During vacation Extra info

You will find the vacation mode screen in your Preferences.  You will not be able to enter vacation mode until all the conditions are met.  Unmet conditions are in red.  When all conditions are met you can use the -/+ to select the number of days you wish to take a vacation.

When you meet those conditions and decide to turn vacation mode on you will first need to choose how many vacation days to select. You can use up to 15/speed days of vacation mode during a game round. 

For example, on speed x2 you can use up to 8 days (15/2 = 7.5, rounded to 8).

Be careful not to make a mistake here, because once the vacation mode starts, you cannot change its length. For 10 Gold you can abort vacation immediately, but only after the first 12 hours passed.

If you decide to abort vacation with gold, you will get back all unused days (for example if you start vacation for 10 days and abort it right away, the first day would have already started, so you only get back 9 days). If you do not abort vacation early, it will finish after the number of days you specified at the start.

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