A truce is a break in the game usually due to a major international holiday such as New Year. We have a truce to allow you to spend some time away from the game with family and friends.


The truce will be announced with a start and end time and may also include a notice on when the no starvation period ends.



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Truce Announcement Example 


  • During the truce and in the 24 hours after it, starvation will be disabled. No troops will die when you are out of the crop.
  • Attacks landing during the truce will only submit greetings.
  • Adventures can still be completed.
  • You can settle new villages.
  • You cannot attack Natar villages or oasis, therefore those tasks in the daily tasks will be prefilled in order for you to get 100 points.
  • We suggest you don't try to time attacks to land too close to the truce's beginning or end, in case there is a slight delay in starting or lifting the truce.
  • Natars will still attack if you settle in the grey area. 
  • All scouting remains possible.

Please Note: At the start of the truce and at the end, it is recommended that you are active in the avatar to avoid any troops starving. Occasionally it may be needed to send a single troop out of the village (and recall) to trigger a new crop calculation to be run.

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