InGame Messages (IGMs)

To write an IGM, all you need to do is click on the write tab in the IGM overview; then, start by adding a recipient, subject and text.

If you’re in an alliance (and have alliance message permissions) you can send Mass Messages or Ally Messages. This can be done in two ways: by typing in [ally] as the recipient in the recipient field, or by selecting the blue alliance icon. When sending an MM, all players in your alliance will receive the message.

Message Archive 

BBCode in IGMs

 The IGM System allows you to use BB codes in your IGMs – just like in a text editor, you can make your text italic, bold or underlined - or a combination of all three!

Other IGM Features

  • Linking an alliance in the message when you enter the alliance name.
  • Linking a player in the message when you enter the player name between the code blocks.  
  • Linking a village by its coordinates, which will take you to the map coordinates you’ve entered.
  • Linking a report in your message; for this, you need the report ID number taken from the last part of the report URL in your browser address, EG [report]2187686[/report].

Address book

You can open the address book from the book icon.

From there you can click to add a new avatar to your address book.  This will send a request to the player which they need to accept,  until they accept the entry will be marked as pending.

Sorting function

You can sort your messages in date order ascending or descending.  Select the “sent” or "received" column header to switch the order.

Report as Message

In case you receive a spam message you can directly report it to the Customer Services Team by clicking on the "report" button.

Ignore players

If you want to stop receiving messages from a player you can ignore them by going to their profile and click on "Ignore"! Afterwards, the messages of these players won't be delivered to you anymore.
You can see which players you are currently ignoring if you click on the message button at the top of the page and choose the tab "ignored players".

Automatic deletion of IGMs and reports

IGMs and reports get completely deleted from the game:

  • 3 days after the recipient deletes the IGM (in this case they get also automatically deleted from the sent box of the sender)
  • in case the player has more than 30 messages/reports which are older than 3 days and not archived.

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