Reports are notifications to inform you about events on your account, e.g. if someone has attacked you or if someone sent you reinforcements.

A complete battle report will only be sent to you in one of the following situations:

  • You were the defender.
  • You were the attacker and at least 1 troop survived.
  • You were the attacker and you killed at least 25% of the enemy troops in your attack.

For Reinforcements, the report will only show you the number of your slain troops.

In case there are reinforcements from more than 10 villages, and the attack causes no losses, reinforcers will not receive a battle report for the event.


Report icons

Reports are divided into four groups:

  • Trades
  • Reinforcement
  • Attacks
  • Miscellaneous

Trade Reports

mostly_lumber Merchants delivered mostly lumbermostly_clay Merchants delivered mostly clay
mostly_iron Merchants delivered mostly ironmostly_crop Merchants delivered mostly crop


reinforcement_arrived Reinforcement arrived.

Attack Reports

won_attacker Won as attacker without loseswon_attacker Won as attacker with loses
lost_attacker Lost as attacker (none of your troops returned
won_defender Won as defender without loseswon_defender Won as defender with loses
lost_defender Lost as defender (none of your troops survivedlost_defender Lost as defender without loses (this means you had not defending troops)

Miscellaneous Reports

miscellaneous Miscellaneous (e.g. Natar attacksadventure Adventure report
animals_caught No fight took place, but animals were caught
won_scout_attacker Won scouting as attackelost_scout_attacker Lost scouting as attacker
won_scout_defender Won scouting as defender
lost_scout_defender Lost scouting as defender

Alliance Reports

If you are part of an alliance you have an overview tab for the attacks of/from your alliance. Here the buttons also help you to sort your alliance attacks. To use this feature you just need to click on one of the icons on the picture below and will only see the reports of this type. This will furthermore enable you to see also older reports again.

Sharing of battle reports with ALL players from the same server

You are enabled to share your battle reports also with every player on the server.

Therefore the battle report links will look like the following:|6063be47

The "code" after the | you get only for own reports (this means that it will not be visible in the alliance attack overview). Now you can decide whether you want to give someone the link to the complete report or not.

If you send away the reduced link ( then only alliance members and sitters are able to read the report.

But if you send away the complete link (|6063be47) then everyone from the server you like is able to read the report.

Sorting function for reports

You can sort your reports in date order ascending or descending.  Select the “sent” column header to switch the order

Vicinity reports (surrounding reports)

Firstly, vicinity reports are not received at all, like the reports you get when trading or attacking/defending.

To view vicinity reports select Surrounding Reports. These will bring you news events in your surrounding area, regardless of whether you participated or not, such as when an oasis has been raided, a village has been founded or when a fight with losses has taken place in a nearby village.

You can see the time and date and the event detail; for oasis raids the raider's name is not shown, for attack reports - if a player has been attacked with losses, the report will inform you that the player has been attacked, but not by whom.

Vicinity reports cannot be cleared or deleted.

A surroundings report is triggered by:

  • Conquering oases
  • Battles in villages
  • Plunder of oases
  • Founding new village
  • Change of village-names
  • Turning into Natars
  • Chiefing villages (even if it's self-chiefing)
  • Oases have been released
  • Switching / Leaving alliances
  • Destroying villages
  • New player spawning (event is listed as founding of new village)

Automatic deletion of IGMs and reports

IGMs and reports get completely deleted from the game:

  • 3 days after the recipient deletes the IGM (in this case they get also automatically deleted from the sent box of the sender)
  • in case the player has more than 30 messages/reports which are older than 3 days and not archived


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