The Auction house is used to buy and sell hero items using Silver. It’s a great opportunity to get the best items or consumables when they are needed. On other hand, selling items can provide a nice sum of Silver, which can then be exchanged into Gold.

Auctions Selling Getting Silver and Silver Accounting

Auctions work with each player setting a maximum bid of what they are prepared to pay. The game then automatically bid for the player until that limit is reached.

When the auction ends, the item is sold to the highest bidder.

Note that any successful bid placed in the last 5 minutes of an auction will increase the auction time to 5 minutes again. 


A new item is offered in an auction.

Player 1 thinks the item would be worth 200 Silver - so they make a bid of 200 Silver. They are now shown as the highest bid at 100 Silver as there are no other players bidding until now.

Player 2 sees that the item is selling for 100 Silver, and thinks the item would be worth 150 Silver and bids this amount. Since the first player maximum bid was 200, the game automatically bidded up until the bid is 150. The second player get information "you got outbid".

This is not a bug, and the other user is not cheating, it’s just how the auctions work.

If nothing else happens until the auction ends, the final price is 150, player 1 gets the item and remaining 50 Silver (as he offered 200 Silver).


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