What are auctions?


The Auction house is used to buy and sell hero items using silver. Players can win the auction by making the highest bid

An item is on the market, and it currently costs 100 Silver. Player 1 thinks the item would be worth 10.000 Silver - so he gives a maximum bid of 10.000 Silver. Shown as the highest bid is 101 Silver since no one besides player 1 bided more until now.

Now player 2 comes along and sees that the item is sold for 101 Silver (at least he thinks so). So, he thinks the item would be worth 500 Silver and bids this amount. Now he gets the error message "you got outbid".

This is no bug, and the other user is not using a bot or anything similar. It is just how the auctions work. This "game" continues until player 2 bids 10001 Silver. At this point, he placed the highest bid and is also shown as the highest bidder.

If you were successful and placed the currently highest bid then you are shown as the highest bidder. Please note that any successful bid placed in the last 5 minutes of an auction will increase the auction time to 5 minutes again. 

To keep track of the items you are or were bidding for, you can use the list shown under the tab "Bids" on the auctions page.

The page is split into two parts:

  • Your currently running auctions are shown in the list at the top of the page. First and foremost, here you can see whether you are still the highest bidder for the item you want to buy. Additionally, you can change your current bid. 
  • Below the list of your currently running auctions, you will find a list containing all of your previously finished auctions. Here you can see whether you won or lost the auction for the items you bid on; additionally, you can see the final price these items went for.
     You can delete finished auctions from the list by checking the box in front of the respective auctions and clicking the "delete" button afterwards.


Selling items


To sell an item just click on the item you want to sell. The system opens a pop up which allows you to sell the respective. In case this pop up does not open please make sure that you allow pop-ups in your browser setup:

You can choose the number of items you want to sell from the drop-down list now and afterwards have to confirm the selling:


Please note: 

  • There is a limit of 5 sales at any one time. 
  • In the first 5 minutes after you placed your item on the auction market you are still able to cancel the selling by clicking on the red x in front of the line:
  • Items for sale do not immediately show in the auction house but appear after a random interval, this is to reduce the chance of your being able to inflate the price by bidding on your own items.
  • The following items can be sold in stocks of 5, 10, 30 and 50: bandages, cages, scrolls, ointments, and tablets of law.
  • In the case no player buys your item(s), the system will buy it for the initial price (for example, it will pay 100 Silver for a helmet or 1 Silver for an ointment).
  • Please note that Geldings can only be sold in case you have another horse in your inventory or equipped to your hero. Furthermore, they cannot be sold to players but only to the system. This means in case you sell a Gelding you will always get 100 Silver for it.

 Silver and Silver Accounting

  • You can trade Gold for Silver using the exchange office. 
    • Gold into Silver (1 Gold = 100 Silver) 
    • Silver into Gold (200 Silver = 1 Gold)
  • You can find Silver on adventures.
  • You can sell items (also found on adventures) at auctions for Silver.


You can find out how much silver you have spent or gained and what items you have purchased on the silver accounting tab in the Auction area for the last 7 days. You can see. 

  • Items Purchased and remaining silver after purchase.
  • Silver tied to running auctions.

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