Hero Item Overview and Mounts

Hero Equipment

The hero can be equipped with items to make them stronger and give an additional bonus.  You can read more about hero items and equipment in our Hero Items articles:

Left-Hand Items

Right-Hand Items

Armour (Helmets, Chest Armour, Boots)


Please note that all items only work for either the hero alone or for troops attacking/defending together with the hero. 

They do not give an effect to troops that do not have the hero with them (this means the troops have to be from the same village the hero is from).


Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3


Speed increase for hero only and not for accompanying troops. The hero will always travel at the speed of the slowest troop.

  • For 1x Servers: Hero speed increased to 14 fields per hour
  • For 3x Servers: Hero speed increased to 28 fields per hour

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