The Tribes and Their Advantages

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The Spartans are famous for their military-based society, focusing literally every aspect of their lives on military training. From an early age they learn the art of warfare continue to practice it almost throughout their whole lives.

While Spartans are able to build walls, they don't rely on them. Instead, they rely on their troops to provide the defence of their settlements.

Spartans troops are good for later game since the training time is rather slow, the troops are expensive, but they are powerful and efficient in crop supply. The bonus from their special building Asclepeion makes it easier to restore losses.

Item Selection

Special Features

  • Very strong units, but they take long to train and are expensive.
  • Efficient in crop supply - as units are stronger, but don't eat more than other tribes.
  • The Defensive Wall is weak.
  • Merchants can carry 500 resources (speed: 14 fields/hour).
  • Ephor lowers enemy village loyalty by 20-25%.
  • Special building: Asclepeion, similar to Hospital, but can save 60% of units lost in battles.
    Hospital and Asclepeion
  • Hero: gets +50% additional fighting strength from Spartan weapons. Bonus from those weapons to Spartan units is also increased.
    Hero Right-Hand Items


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