User defined links

This premium feature is part of the Travian Plus membership and gives the option to define your own direct links or skype links, which will be displayed on the left of your village page.

You can add and amend your links by, click on the green pen icon in the top right corner of Link list panel on your page. 

By default, there are some recommended links available, select the green plus icon on that row to add them and at the bottom, you can add your own.

The link section consists of three columns: 

  • No: sets the order of your links.
  • Name: is the name displayed in the Link list panel
  • Link: is the actual link. It can be either direct link, which will redirect you to a page, or an alternative link, which can redirect you to a certain subpage. When you add “*” after your link, the link will open in a new window.

At the end of a row, you can enable or disable the row using the + or - button.


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