Available Gold / Plus / Gold club features

Travian Plus

Travian Plus membership includes additional services which may be purchased by expending Gold. Unlike the Gold Club plus features last for a certain number of days after which their effects expire and the Plus membership needs to be renewed - this is done by purchasing the Plus membership again.

Below, you will find useful links which will explain the various Plus features in more detail:

Waiting loop

Map: full-screen map

Map: own villages, villages of your alliance and federation and villages that your alliance is at war with are automatically marked

Map: Incoming and outgoing troop movements are shown on the map

Frame - right side: Central Village Overview

Frame - left side: an area for user-defined direct links

Frame - right side: incoming attack warning in village list

Frame - right side: direct links to market, barracks, stable and workshop (new buttons on top of village sign)

Market: merchants can run twice

Research queue for smithy

Gold Features

You can buy several Gold features which are not included in the Gold club membership. Below you will find useful links which will explain the various Gold features in more detail:

Production bonus

Finish constructions and research orders in this village

NPC Merchant

The exchange of Gold and Silver

Master builder

Gold club

You can buy the Gold club membership for 200 Gold for the whole server. It gives free features you can use without limits. Please note that gold spent on Gold club will not be refunded after the server end or the deletion of the avatar.

The Gold club includes the following features:

IGMs & reports: archive function

Map: the crop finder

Rally Point: farm list

Rally Point: send away troops before an attack

Market: merchants run three times

Market: trade route

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