Hero Health and Revival

Your hero's health (HP) is particularly important in the game. They will lose health and may die when sent on adventures, take part in combat, if there is not enough crop to feed them or if they lose too much health.

You can see your hero’s health in two places, the hero overview at the top left of the page and on the hero attributes page.

Losing health

When you send your hero on an adventure they will lose health. The amount of health lost depends on the Fighting Strength of your hero, the difficulty of the adventure and how many adventures you have been on before.

As time goes on adventures will become harder for your hero and he will lose more health on adventures. If you do not increase your hero's Fighting Strength and you keep on going on adventures, your hero will start to lose large amounts of health on each adventure he goes on.

Your hero will lose health through combat. The amount depends on the total strength of the attacking and defending sides in the battle. You cannot see how much health your hero lost in the report of a battle, however, by calculating the percentage of troops that were on the same side as the hero that was killed in the battle, you can see approximately how much health the hero lost.


  • Your hero will die if they lose 90% or more health in a single battle.
  • If you use your hero to attack a village, it is possible for your hero to lose health even if the defending village has no troops in it.
  • No matter how much health your hero has they will always fight at full strength, with less health it just means that it is easier for him to die.
  • If hero's home village was destroyed or conquered, the hero dies.
Healing your hero

There are three ways for your hero to heal:

  • Regeneration:
    • The default regeneration rate is 10% health per day. You can increase the regeneration rate by equipping certain health items to your hero such as helmets and armour.
      Hero Items Overview and Mounts
  • Ointments
    • These heal the hero instantly.
    • You can obtain Ointments either as a reward from an adventure or by winning them at the auctions.
    • Once you have Ointments you can use them by going to your hero's inventory and moving the ointments you want to use to the hero.
    • Each Ointment that you use will heal 1% health.

      Hero Consumables

  • Level up

    • Any time your hero levels up, he is fully healed for free.

    • This works regardless of how the hero gained experience.

    • If the hero dies in battle and level up at the same time, he is not revived by this.

Reviving your hero

If your hero dies they can be revived in two ways:


If your hero is dead you will see the option to regenerate/revive him at your hero's attributes page, like so:

The number of resources and time it will take to revive your hero depends on your tribe and the level of your hero.


A bucket can be used on your hero to revive him instantly.

You can obtain a Bucket either as a reward from an adventure or by winning one at the auctions.

You can select the bucket for use from your hero inventory.

A Bucket can only be used to revive your hero once every 24 hours, however, there is no limit to the number of Buckets you can obtain.

Hero Consumables

Revival Time

Below Level 99

The formula for the hero revival time is:

revival time = Minimum(level+1; 24) / round off(speedfactor/3 +1) in an hour

The maximum revival time is 24 hours!

Hero Revival on Kirilloid

Above Level 99

After lvl 100 there is a bonus and each next level shortens the revival time.

revival time = 24 hours * (99 / (99 + (hero level - 99) * 5))


24 hours * (99 / 99 + (100-99) * 5)

So, in the bracket we have 99 / 99 + 1*5 = 99/104 = around 0.95.

24 hours multiplied by 0.95 is 22.8.

So, hero revival time on lvl 100 is around 22.8 hours.

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