Adventures are like a quest system for your hero. There are no tasks you need to do within these adventures. All you need to do is to send your hero to an adventure located on the map. Once it has arrived, the hero will explore that spot on the map and return to your village automatically if it survives.

Adventures available can be seen on the map. There is also a list of all available adventures within the hero panel (below).

Adventures spawn randomly around the capital and the villages that have a hero's mansion. It is not bound to the hero's home village or to the location where the hero is currently situated.

The damage inflicted for each adventure varies and increases slightly from adventure to adventure. Before you send your hero to an adventure you see the level of difficulty. “Normal” Adventures are easy. The damage taken by your hero and the experience gained is low. Even “heavy” adventures will not kill a hero with 100% health usually, but the damage inflicted is way higher and the experience gained is doubled. 

The location of the adventure (oasis, wilderness, Natarian village, etc) has no impact on the damage inflicted to your hero. An adventure located on a mountain is as dangerous as an adventure within a Natarian village. 

You can lower the damage inflicted to your hero by increasing the fighting strength of your hero. There are two ways to do that. Several items add fighting strength to your hero. But you can also increase the fighting strength of your hero by adding some skill points to that ability during a level up.

Adventure Rewards

There are several things a hero can find when encountering an adventure.

  • Nothing (except damage and experience)
  • Item (armor, weapon or other equipment)
  • Silver
  • Resources (they go to the hero's inventory)
  • Scattered troops (they join your village)

The first 10 adventures always grant the same rewards to all players, in the following order:

  1. A horse
  2. Resources
  3. Units
  4. Silver
  5. Ointment
  6. Book of wisdom
  7. Resources
  8. Silver
  9. Cages
  10. Experience only

After that, the rewards and items found are random, but everyone has the same chance of finding something valuable, regardless of the account size and other factors. In general the most common reward by far are resources, while items are rare and precious.

In general any item can be found in an adventure. An exception to that is artwork, which is not available during the first 14 days since the account activation (on x1 speed, the time is shorter on higher speed gameworlds).

At the beginning of the game you can only find items of quality tier 1. Later you will find tier 2 and finally tier 3 items. This depends on the age of the gameworld and its speed.

Hero Item Overview and Mounts

Game versions and speed (see "Items" tab of the table to learn when tier 2 and tier 3 items start appearing)

Adventures never expire, by their reward depends on when the adventure was created. So if an adventure was created when tier 2 items were not available, it won't have tier 2 item even if the hero completes it later.

Adventure Spawn Rate

At start of the game, you get 3 adventures.

In addition, new adventures appear regularly. Faster at first, slower later in game. On a regular x1 gameworld, you get approximately:

  • day 0 - 2: 3 adventures / day
  • day 3 - 16: 2 adventures / day
  • day 17 - 63: 1.5 adventures / day
  • day 64 - server end: 1 adventures / day

The day count starts from when you start playing the game. So, during the first 24 hours, there are 5-6 adventures to be done. 

There is some randomness to when the adventures appear exactly and it's normal to get fewer adventures on one day and more on another. Later in game this could mean no adventure generated at all at some days. In that case, to finish the daily tasks, you would need to save an adventure from previous days.

The spawn rate of adventures is directly related to speed of the gameworld. For example on x3 gameworlds you get the following:

  • day 0: 9 adventures / day
  • day 1 - 5.33: 6 adventures / day
  • day 5.33 - 21: 4.5 adventures / day
  • day 21 - server end: 3 adventures / day


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