Hero overview

Every player receives a hero, this is a special troop type that can be used like other troops however it also has special abilities depending on the tribe and can give additional bonuses depending on its level.

Depending on your selected tribe, your hero will gain one special tribe ability. Those special abilities cannot be upgraded by the player:

  • Roman tribe: The hero skill strength increases by 100 points instead of 80 points for each skill point added.
  • Gaul tribe: +5 Speed if mounted
  • Teuton tribe: 20 % Cranny dip(also known as Plunder bonus) for all units attacking with the hero.
  • Egyptian tribe on (special servers only): Resource production increased.
  • Huns tribe (on special servers only): Mounted armies with a mounted hero are even faster (speed: +3 fields/hour)

Each hero starts the game with 4 skill points, these are initially set to their resource production bonus. Each of the special abilities below can be increased to level 100.

You gain 4 more skill points every time the hero XP increases the heros level. XP can be generated through battles and through the Quest Tasks,read our Hero Experience Article for more details on how XP points are calculated in battle

Hero Abilities
  • Fighting strength:Points put on this ability increase the attack and defence value of the hero.

    Please note:  If your hero is unmounted (i.e., has no horse equipped) they are classed as infantry. When you equip your hero with a horse they are classed as cavalry.

  • Off bonus: Points put into this ability increase the attack value of the whole army by 0.2% per point (maximum of 20%). This bonus only applies if the hero is attacking with the army.
  • Def bonus: Points put into this ability increase the defence value of your whole army (means all own troops defending - the village where they come from is unimportant) by 0.2% per point (maximum of 20%) This bonus only applies if the hero is defending with the army. Other defending troops which are not under your control, will remain unaffected by this bonus.
  • Resources: Points put into this ability increase the resource output of the village where the Hero is located. You can opt to increase the production of one resource only or to evenly spread the bonus across all resources. It remains one skill. You can freely change that setting.
Moving your hero

Your hero can be sent as a reinforcement to other villages like other troops. However, unlike other troops, it is possible to control your hero from any one of your own villages at a time.

To use your hero from another one of your own villages you must send them there as a reinforcement and tick the change their hometown box whilst doing so. Once your hero arrives at the village you send them to you will be able to control them from that village.

Hero's Mansion

This is a special building that allows you to view the oasis that can be conquered, at level 10, 15 & 20 a new oasis slot is opened allowing you to occupy another oasis in the surrounding area and receive the bonus in that village.

The heros mansion also influences the location of adventures, you can read more about adventures and how they work in our Adventures Article.

Conquering Oasis

The hero is used to conquer the oasis surrounding your village, those that are available to be conquered will show in your village's Hero's Mansion. 


General Information

The hero is not able to carry any resources on their own, they must be sent with troops when raiding. If you have any hero items that give a plunder bonus this is only applied to the troops that travel with the hero.

It is important to watch your hero's health level, each battle can inflict damage to the hero, this includes adventures. You can heal your hero using ointments and revive them if they die using a bucket or resources, revival time is calculated as (level+1) =hours. Their Health also regenerates over time, the base level of regeneration without additional items is 10 health per day.

The speed of the hero can be affected by hero items and other bonus's however when travelling with other troops he will always travel at the speed of the slowest troop (inc. bonus speed if applied).

The formula is: speed = speed unit * speed bonus hero (hero + items) * artefact bonus

Please Note: The standard works only between alliance members and the boots work for all targets. If he is travelling between alliance members, he gets the bonus for boots AND standard otherwise he will only get the bonus for boots

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