Catapults are a long-range weapon; they are used to destroy the resource fields and buildings of enemy villages. Catapuls need time to shoot and they can only do this in a normal attack, not raid.

Catapults alone do not have a high attacking value and even small defending army can destroy them, so it is best to first destroy the defending army and follow with waves of catapults attacks escorted by other units.


Attacking player can select what the catapults should target. Available options depend on Rally Point level.

RP level 1
Only random target available.
RP level 3
Storage buildings can be targetted: Warehouse and Granary.
RP level 5
Additionally resource production buildings can be targetted: resource fields, brickyard, iron foundry, sawmill, grain mill and bakery.
RP level 10
Everything can be targetted except cranny, stonemason's lodge and trapper.
RP level 20
It is possible to target 2 buildings in one attack. This requires at least 20 catapults in the attacking army. Catapults strength is divided equally between the targets.


Catapults CAN hit any building or resource field, when random target was set. This includes targets that cannot be selected, like cranny.

Stonemason's lodge is always the last building in the village to be hit.

Changed target

If the targetted building doesn't exist, catapults will select another building randomly. If the targetted resource field is already destroyed, catapults will select another resource field randomly.

If the enemy village is protected by an artefact, it may change selected target to random.

Artefact Effect

Multiple buildings of the same type

When there is more than one building or resource field of the targetted type (e.g.: cropland, warehouse), the catapults will hit the one with the highest level. This doesn't affect randomness. Randomly selected target doesn't need to be the highest level of the type.


Buildings and resource fields durability may be increased by Stonemason's Lodge and by artefacts. Affected buildings are harder to destroy and need to be attacked by more catapults.


World Wonder is not affected by the durability artefact. Stonemason's Lodge also cannot affect it, because it can only be built in a capital, which cannot be the WW village.

Stonemason on Kirilloid

Artefact Effect

Village Destruction

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