World Wonder

The World Wonder (otherwise known as a WW) is as wonderful as it sounds. This “building” is built in order to win the server.


Each level of the World Wonder costs hundreds of thousands (even millions) of resources to build so a single player could not build one on their own. Often a single alliance would not be able to complete a World Wonder on their own but work together with their confed or other alliances. The reason for this is not only the number of resources needed but the number of troops needed to defend the village.

Construction plans

World Wonder Villages


The Natars are present in the game from the very beginning, occupying 8 villages outside the grey area (with 50% more defending troops in them) and 6 villages in the grey area in the centre of the map. They can expand their empire with the deleted villages of other players which may convert into Natarian villages, so they can also inhabit territories outside of the grey area. However, out of all these villages, only 14 are World Wonder villages. Besides the Natarian capital (which will always spawn at 0|0 coordinates) any of the World Wonder villages can be conquered and subsequently used to construct the fabled World Wonder.

Additional information

  • None of the Natarian World Wonder villages have walls or residences/palaces. 
  • Gold cannot be used in this village for anything whatsoever. No NPC, and no insta-build. However, two World Wonder levels can be queued at any given time.
  • World Wonder villages do not produce any cultural points. 
  • The construction times in the World Wonder villages are half that of a normal village.
  • After construction plans appear in the game, units in World Wonder villages will consume only 50% crop.
  • World Wonder level 1 or higher prevents conquering.

The servers will end when one of these events takes place, whichever comes first:

  • A player builds a World Wonder level 100.
  • The Natars complete a World Wonder level 100.

The Natars, who will start building their World Wonder at a set amount of days after the server started, build their World Wonder to level 100. After reaching level 75, every Natarian warrior is needed, so there is no one left to attack competing World Wonders which belong to any other player.


Natar tribe on Kirilloid

WW building on Kirilloid


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