Special Servers - Ancient Powers and Victory Points

In the annual specials, the game takes place on a map of Ancient Europe divided into 87 regions, which provide ancient powers and Victory Points. Victory Points are stored in villages and can be gained or lost.

Regional Map
Regions and Population

Ancient powers and victory points Gaining or losing Victory Points

The alliance controlling region gets access to the ancient power of the region if it has one. Any player of that alliance may activate the ancient power. In order to do it, the player needs to have a Treasury at level 10 (for small, village-related powers) or 20 (for account-related powers). You can activate the power in any village; it doesn't have to be located in the same region as the power.

You can activate one power in each village, but only one of the powers can be used for the whole account. Once activated, the power lasts for 24 hours (regardless of server speed); afterwards, it can be reactivated if the alliance still has access to the power. One activation is free each day; each additional activation costs 5 (for village powers) or 10 (for account powers) Gold.

The power can also be deactivated under the following circumstances:

  • If you quit your alliance
  • If you lost the village where it was activated
  • If your alliance lost access to the power

Ancient powers, although very useful, are not the only benefit of controlling regions. If you want to win, your alliance needs to gather victory points. Every day an alliance controls a region, it earns victory points. The amount depends on the region:

  • Unique power – 400 points per day
  • Big power – 1200 points per day
  • Small power – 1000 points per day
  • No power – 2000 or 4000 points per day

Furthermore, the Victory Points earned by the alliance from a region are split into the villages of that alliance in that region. Each village gets a proportional amount of points based on its population compared to the total population of the alliance in the region. This means, the bigger the village and the lower the total population of the alliance in that region, the more Victory Points that village gets. However, the total amount of Victory Points gained by the whole alliance is still the same.

Inactive players (red or gray dot in the alliance members list, which means inactive for 72 hours or more) are not taken into account in the distribution of the Victory Points. Active players get their VPs instead.

The alliance that gathers the most victory points at the end of the game wins.

Annual Special lasts 180 days on x1, 120 days on x2 speed and 80 days on x3 speed.

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