Construction Plans

Natar Plan Villages

Natar plan villages house the World Wonder Construction Plans; these villages spawn at a predefined time after the start of the server and are always spawned somewhere in the close vicinity of the coordinates described below.

An announcement will be made ingame that the Natar plans have spawned on the server.

Plan Locations


Map section

Target coordinates

North West 

around (-18|31)

around (-35|4)

around (-44|37)

South West

around (-26|-25)

around (-10|-57)

around (-55| -20)

North East 

around (34|12)

around (12|34)

around (10|57)

around (55|20)

South East

around (30|-19)

around (3|-36)

around (44|-37)

Due to technical implemention, the actual target coordinates may be slightly different for each gameworld (plus or minus 1-2 fields).

Additionally, if the actual target coordinates are blocked, the plans will spawn at the nearest available location to that target. Due to those 2 mechanics, the plans may need to move a significant distance from the advertised position, especially on larger or more active gameworlds.


One of the target coordinates for plans spawn is around -18|31. The actual target coordinates may be slightly different on different gameworlds.

On gameworld A, the plans may target coordinates -17|30. However, the closest free field to -17|30 is -15|29, so the plans are spawned there.

On gameworld B, the plans may target coordinates -18|33. However, the closest free field to -18|33 is -18|34, so the plans spawn there. Even though -18|31 is also free.

Plans can be captured just like artefacts from the Natars or other players.

WW Mechanics 

To begin building a World Wonder, the player who owns the WW village must hold a construction plan. 

A single construction plan will allow the owner to build the WW from level 0 to level 49. 

To build the WW past level 49, another player inside the WW holder's alliance MUST own a second WW plan. This can be ANY other player inside the alliance.

It will not work after level 49 if only the builder has two plans as they are in the same avatar and therefore counted as one single plan. The plans have to be active construction plan artefacts; inactive ones will not work.

How to obtain a World Wonder plan

To "steal" a World Wonder plan from either a Natar construction plan village or another player.

1. The player who will take the plans MUST have a level 10 Treasury in the village they are attacking out of.

2. The Treasury of the village the plans are being held in (either held by the Natars or another player) MUST be destroyed before the plans can be taken.

3. A Hero sent from the village with the level 10 Treasury must survive the attack after the enemy Treasury is destroyed because only a Hero can carry a World Wonder construction plan.

This can be done at any time and in any logical order. One person could clear the enemy plan village, a second person could destroy the enemy treasury, a third person could send a hero from a village with a level 10 treasury and take the plans. Or, one person could do it all.

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