Artefact Effects

Artefacts are powerful items crafted by the ancient tribe of Natars and they grant immense power to whoever owns them.

Artefacts (how to get them etc.)

Artefacts of most effects are available in 3 different types, which differ by strength and scope.

Village-scope (affect only the village where they are located).
Account-scope (affect the whole account).
Account-scope (more powerful, affect the whole account).

Stronger buildings

The buildings are more durable against attacks by catapults and rams. Does not count for the Wonder of the World, but the account-wide and unique type count for all other buildings in the Wonder of the Wold village.

Small: Village-wide
4 times as durable.
Large: Account-wide
3 times as durable.
Unique: Account-wide
5 times as durable.
Faster troops

The troops travel faster.

Small: Village-wide
2 times faster.
Large: Account-wide
1.5 times faster.
Unique: Account-wide
2 times faster.
Better spies

Scouting units, such as Scouts, Equites Legati, Pathfinders, Sopdu Explorer and Spotters are better at spying and defending against spy attacks. All scouts stationing in the affected village(s), as well as all scouts sent for spying from the village(s), are affected.

Additional you can see the type of troops attacking you at your rally point, but not the number of troops.

Small: Village-wide
5 times as effective.
Large: Account-wide
3 times as effective.
Unique: Account-wide
10 times as effective.

Note, in case of artefact of the fool with this effect, it always provides the ability to see attacking troop types in Rally Point, regardless of the bonus value (even if it's negative).

Less hungry troops

The troops consume less crop.

Small: Village-wide
Troops consume 1/2 crop.
Large: Account-wide
Troops consume 3/4 crop.
Unique: Account-wide
Troops consume 1/2 crop.
Faster troop training

The troops are trained faster.

Small: Village-wide
Troops are trained in 1/2 of the time.
Large: Account-wide
Troops are trained in 3/4 of the time.
Unique: Account-wide
Troops are trained in 1/2 of the time.
Great warehouse or great granary plan

Grants ability to build a great warehouse or great granary.

Great Warehouse on Kirilloid

Great Granary on Kirilloid

Cranny + random aim

Artefact raises cranny capacity and additionally causes enemy catapult attacks to fire randomly (targeting a resource field any resource field may get hit, targeting a building any building may get hit). World Wonder can always be targeted and hit. The artefact must be active during the battle.

Small: Village-wide
Cranny capacity increased by 200x. Treasury can be targeted and hit.
Large: Account-wide
Cranny capacity increased by 100x. Treasury can be targeted and hit.
Unique: Account-wide
Cranny capacity increased by 500x. Treasury can be hit randomly only.

Note, in case of artefact of the fool with this effect, its protection against catapults depends only on whether the artefact is small or unique. The exact value of the bonus (even if it's negative) or the scope of the effect doesn't matter.

This means, that any small artefact of the fool with this effect will confuse enemy catapults that target any resource field or building except Treasury or Wonder of the World. Unique artefact of the fool with this effect will protect everything except Wonder of the World.

Artefact of the fool

This artefact randomly changes its effect type, value and scope once when conquered and afterwards every 24 hours (at full hour, rounded down).

Negative effects are possible.
Only positive effects are possible.

Effect: Any effect of the other artifacts is possible, except the ability to build a great warehouse or great granary.

Value: The value of the effect is in general one of the values possible with other artefacts. For example, for the faster training effect type the value could be 50% or 25% reduction. There is currently an exception for stronger buildings effect, which can get value of 2, 3 or 5.

Small artefact of this type may get also negative effects, for example, troops might get slower, or they might consume more food. Unique artefact of this type may only get positive effects, but the magnitude of the effect is still random.

If the effect is negative, the value is inverted. For example instead of reducing training speed to 3/4, it may be increased to 1 and 1/3.

Scope: Artefact of the fool can be account-scope or village-scope, as decided by random factor. Note that this may affect other artifacts, as only one account-scope artefact may be active on an account.

Artefact Limitations

Remember: The effect changes every 24 hours regardless of speed, but the activation time depends on speed. This means on higher speed gameworlds if you conquer the artefact from yourself, it will change its effect immediately and it will activate before the next change of effect.

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