Special Servers - Harbor and Deep Water

Harbor is a building that allows you to build and use ships for sending resources or troops. Ships move quickly over deep water.

This feature is only available on some special game worlds. It was introduced in 2023’s Annual Special Travian: Shores of War.

Shores of War - Game Mechanics

Item Selection

Abandoned shore

Harbor can only be built in villages that are placed directly next to a deep water tile on the map. Those spots on the map are called “abandoned shore”, in contrast with “abandoned valley”.

Deep water

Not all water tiles allow travel by ship. Only dark-colored water tiles that are called “Deep water” count. In general sea tiles and major rivers are deep water. Some of the big lakes are also deep water. However, smaller, randomly generated lakes are not deep water. They are shown as lighter blue on the map.

If in doubt, click the water tile on the map. Only if it’s called “deep water”, the ships can use it to travel quickly.



Once the village has a harbor, it can build ships.

There are three types of ships: trade ships, that allow sending resources, and two types of warships, that allow moving armies.

Special Servers - Ships and Naval Movement

The maximum number of ships the village can have, depends on the level of the harbor. It starts with just 1  on level 1, up to 210  on level 20.  The sum of all ships count for this limit, regardless of their type and where they are at the moment.

It's not possible to construct new ships if the limit was reached. If the harbor level was lowered and this caused the limit to be lower than the existing number of ships, the ships are not destroyed, but you can't order new production.

Ships can be manually destroyed in the harbor.

If an attack or raid using a ship has completely lost and the whole army was destroyed, the ship is destroyed as well.

Harbor destruction

When harbor is destroyed (using Main Building or by catapult attack), all ships that are at that moment in the village are destroyed as well.

Ships outside of the village survive, however, if the harbor is not rebuilt until they get back to the village, they are destroyed as well, as they can't be maintained.

Any ships queued in production will continue to be built, similar to how it works with training units.

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