Special Servers - Keep Tribe on Conquest

On some Special Servers, it will be announced that the feature "Keep Tribe on Conquest" is enabled. This gives you some advantages over a standard server, allowing you to experiment with other tribes buildings, troops and features in addition to your chosen base tribe.

Conquering from players
When conquering a village that belongs to an avatar of another tribe, the village keeps that tribe.
Your avatar will stay as the tribe you picked during registration.

 Conquering from Natars
When conquering a Natar village, the village will belong to the tribe of the chief’s village.

 Settling a village
When settling a new village, the village created belongs to the tribe of the settler’s village.

Hero Ability
The hero abilities do not change and will remain your base tribe chosen at registration.
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 Teuton Brewery
A party in the brewery started in a Teuton Capital affects the villages and troops of all tribes on the avatar.
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