Central Village Overview

The village overview statistics are a premium Travian Plus feature.

It gives you the option to see a central village overview. You can click villages above your village list at the right side.

Overview Tab

This opens a new window where you can see village Attacks and what sort of troop movements are from this village. If you hold the mouse over the symbol you can see how many movements are active. In the Building column you can see how many buildings are queued. The troops column shows which sort of troops are being trained.

Resources Tab

Here you can see how many resources of each type you have in your villages and the overall total. You can see the number of merchants also; the first number shows the merchants which are currently available to trade and the second number means all your merchants.

Warehouse Tabs

This shows your warehouse capacity for each resource type and when the warehouses would be full (or empty). Negative crop shows in red, once the countdown reaches 0 troops will start to starve unless the granary is refilled.

Culture Points Tab

This shows the number of CP point per day, the celebrations running duration, settler and administrator count and the number of expansion slots you have used / total slots.

Troops Tab

This shows you all your own troops for each village and a total for all villages for each troop type.

The Troops in village subtab shows the numbers in each village and the upkeep of those troops.

The Smithy subtab shows the research level for each troop type in each village.

The Hospital subtab shows information about wounded and their healing process.

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