Troop Upgrades and Smithy

The strength of your troops in attack and defense can be increased in a number of different ways, through the use of hero items, smithy upgrades and alliance bonus.

Hero Items

Hero Weapons can be used to upgrade the attack and defence values of troops.

Hero Right-Hand Items

Horn of the Natarian
The Horn of the Natarian increases the attacking strength of the hero and all troops traveling with the hero when attacking the Natars.


  • The weapons and armour of your warriors are enhanced in the smithy's melting furnaces. By increasing its level, you can order the fabrication of even better weapons and armour.
  • An upgrade done to a unit counts for all units of that type in the village the upgrade is done. This means an upgrade done in village A does not count for troops coming from village B.
  • The upgrade in the smithy depends on the upkeep of the respective troop: as more crop, the troop consumes as higher the improvement effect is. Therefore it is not possible to give exact upgrade percentages.
  • Where troop merging is enabled, the troops once merged, inherit the upgrade levels from their new village.

Smithy on Kirilloid

Alliance metallurgy bonus

One of the alliance bonuses - metallurgy, adds additional bonus to units offense and defense.

Alliance Bonuses

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