Hiding Resources & Cranny

When you are being attacked or raided you will want to try to protect your resources in your village. Using a cranny you can protect some of your resources. It is advisable to build a Cranny before your Beginners Protection ends, upgrading it to cover the resources you normally hold, particularly overnight accumulation.

At level 1 it hides 200 of each resource (300 for Gauls), and at level 10 it hides 2000 (3000 for Gauls).

If a player upgrades the village's Cranny to level 10, they can then build additional Crannies in that village. There is no limit to building second or third crannies.

The Cranny is hidden and therefore cannot be targeted by catapults. It can only be destroyed if the attacker chooses to target a random building. Only then, there's a chance the Cranny would be hit.

Cranny on Kirilloid

Tribe Specific Bonus

When raiding, if the hero is travelling with the troops, the cranny of the raided village can only hide 80% of the resources it would normally hide.
Hide 1.5 times more resources in their crannies.

Additional Information

Hero Inventory
Resources stored in the hero's inventory can't be raided.

Resources offered for sale on the marketplace can be raided until the merchants leave to complete a sale transaction.

Hero Item boost
The amount that can be raided by all tribes can be increased through the use of the Bag of Plunder hero item.
Hero Left Hand Items

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