Artefacts are powerful items crafted by the ancient tribe of Natars and they grant immense power to whoever owns them.


There are various effects possible, such as reduced consumption of crop or improved speed of troops. The effect depends on the artefact. The strength and scope depends on the artefact's size (small, large or unique).

Artefact Effects

On regular servers, the artefacts appear in the middle stage of the game and they are initially placed in special Natars villages.

Natar Spawn Capture an Artefact Artefact Activation

Artefacts will spawn in Natarian villages and will be inactive there until they are captured. The artefacts in Natar villages are always in Treasury level 20, excluding Construction Plans which are stored in a Treasury Level 10.

Normally artefacts are heavily defended, however, the Natarian defence is different on each server and is set up based on the top 100 offence armies of the game world.

*Note* Natar villages cannot get artefact effects - artefacts can only activate in player-owned villages.

On Annual Special servers (like Path to Pandora), there are no artefacts, but the regions hold ancient powers with the same effects.

Special Servers - Ancient Powers and Victory Points

Artefact Effects and Limitations

Artefact Effects

Artifact Limitations

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