Payment Issues

Why does my payment get rejected/declined?

There are many reasons for rejected or declined payments,  the most common are:

  • If there has been a previous chargeback for your account and/or credit card in the past, you can’t use this payment option any longer
  • You only have three trials to enter the right data
  • There is a limit on the number of transactions made within 48 hours for payment through credit card or direct debit
  • Insufficient balance in the card
  • International payments not authorised with the credit card company
  • Some cards are not accepted by the credit card company (such as VISA Electron and VISA Gift Cards), so please try one of the other offered options


The payment store requires popups to be enabled, sometimes the popup window does not open,  see our article for more information.


Cannot Start Purchase

Special Promotions

Ensure you have your payment option ready and popups enabled before clicking any special promotions as once clicked they may disappear and you will not be able to select them again.  If this happens please contact Customer Services.

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