Tasty mead is brewed in the brewery and later quaffed by the soldiers during their celebrations. These drinks make your soldiers braver and stronger when attacking others (1% per level). Unfortunately, the chiefs’ power of persuasion is decreased by 50% and catapults can only do random hits.

It can only be built by Teutons in the capital but affects the whole empire.  

The effects are applied at the time of battle and not when the troops are sent.

Brewery building on Kirilloid

Brewery Destruction

If the brewery is destroyed during a celebration, the celebration will continue with the following effect:

  • Loyalty reduction remains the same.
  • Attacking troops no longer have the combat bonus.
  • Random targeting ceases, the catapults will hit the targets selected in the rally point.
  • Once the brewery is rebuilt, even in a different village, the ongoing celebration effects return to normal.

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