Reducing crop consumption & Horse Drinking Trough

Crop consumption of your troops can be reduced in a number of different ways, through the use of artifacts such as the Diet Control Artifact, being in a WW village during endgame and through the Horse Drinking Trough.

Diet Control Artifact
With this artifact active your troops consume less crop, with a reduction from 25% to 50%.
World Wonder Villages
After construction plans appear in the game, units in Wonder of the World villages will consume only 50% crop.
World Wonder
Horse Drinking Trough
This building is unique to the Roman Tribe and decreases both the training time and crop consumption of all cavalry within the village.
Accelerates the production time of cavalry units by 1% per level.
Equites Legati consume one crop less at level 10.
Equites Imperatoris consume one crop less at level 15.
Equites Caesaris consume one crop less at level 20.

Horse Drinking Trough on Kirilloid

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