Celebrations and Town Hall

Celebrations can be held in your town hall, increasing your culture points directly after the celebration starts. Building up your town hall to a higher level will decrease the length of the cooldown time between each celebration starting.

Culture Points

Conquering Villages

Town Hall building on Kirilloid

Small Celebration
Immediately grants culture points. Amount equals the daily production of the village, up to a limit.
Large Celebration
Immediately grants culture points. Amount equals the daily production of all villages, up to a limit.
Increases the lowering of the target villages loyalty by up to 5% per administrator during the celebration.
Decreases the lowering of your village's loyalty during an attack by up to 5% per administrator.

The loyalty effect affects all battles that happen during the celebration. The moment of battle counts, not when the troops were ordered to attack.

Loyalty Article

There are limits of CPs that can be gained from a celebration, depending on gameworld's speed and celebration size.

Game versions and speed (see the limits in the Culture Points tab of the table)

After each celebration, there is a cooldown time. This is smaller with each level of Town Hall, and depends on gameworld's speed.

In case of villages in the grey area, which do not produce CPs at all, their theoretical production still counts toward the amounts produced by the celebrations.

Destroyed Town Hall

Even if the Town Hall was destroyed, the ongoing celebrations continue and still provide their effects. Queued celebrations will also continue and start once the cooldown ends but no new parties can be purchased or queued until the building has been rebuilt.

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