Changing password after the ban

For security reasons, you should use a complex or difficult password, to make it as strong as possible, we recommend:

  • Choose a mix of alphabetical and numeric characters
  • Use a mixture of upper and lowercase (passwords are case-sensitive)
  • Use symbols

Playing with duals

You should change your password whenever a dual is removed from the account or if someone else gets to know it. You should also not reuse the same password, each server should have a secure unique password as otherwise, anyone you played with in the past will be able to access your current account.

If your dual decides to change accounts and play or dual on another account, you must change your password to remove their access to your account and inform the Customer Services team of the dual's move.

What to do in case of a scripts & bots ban for third-party tools?

If you entered your game password in another website than the game itself, your password might be used without your knowledge.

If you got a ban for scripts & bots due to a third-party tool, you must change your password immediately.

Why do I get the avatar banned?

The reason why you got your avatar banned is that the third-party tool uses your credentials to scan the map.

How can the third-party tool use my credentials? 

By entering your username and password into the third-party website, it allows them to access your Travian avatar, allowing them to scanning the map to find elephants, villages or other objects.

To avoid this... don't put your credentials on a third-party website! 

In case you, unfortunately, did decide to use the third-party website, you must change your password immediately to remove their access, this way, your avatar will be safe from further third-party tool activity on your avatar.

What to do in case of a password-sharing ban?

You should always change your password after someone else gets to know the password. So, in case you get a password-sharing ban, the first thing to do is change your password and keep it safe.

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