Automatic resource-sharing limits

The game has a pushing protection system that prevents sharing too many resources between players, to provide more fair and level gameplay for everyone.

The system is completely automated and there is no need to calculate how much you may send.

The limits affect both sending resources with merchants and raiding. The specific limits depend on multiple factors explained below, most importantly on the relationship between the 2 players.

Connection Types

Relationships between players can be one of 3 types:

  1. Players who are not related to each other by sitting, using of the same devices or the same internet connection (IP). This is the default connection type for all players and has the least restrictions.
  2. Player who have been sitters recently or have used the same internet connection (accessed the game from the same IP address).
  3. Players who have a sitting connection (at least one player is a sitter of the other one) or have used the same device recently to access the game.

Hourly production

Limits are related to how much the sending avatar produces per hour. This hourly production includes the sum of lumber, clay, and iron all villages of the avatar produce per hour, as well as the full crop production minus population (but ignoring troops supply).

Additionally, an average hourly income from raids and attacks over the last 7 days is added, as long as it is a positive value.

Resource balance

To enforce the limits, the game calculates what the players have already shared in the last 7 days. For this, all resources send between the players by merchants (including sending directly, through marketplace offers and trade routes) and all resources raided are counted. Additionally, the crop eaten by troops of one player from the villages of the other player counts as if the other player sends that crop to the troops' owner.

Limits when sending resources

When a player wants to send resources to another player the game checks the resource balance between the sender and receiver and compares that to the internal limits.

Sending of resources is only allowed if the balance after this action would not exceed the limit. Otherwise, an error message with details is displayed.

In general, all limits are more strict for further Connection Types between the players. That means a player may send more resources to someone unrelated, compared to someone that used to be their sitter recently (connection type 2) and even less to someone who is their current sitter (connection type 3).

Additionally, the limits are harsher when sending resources to a player who has a bigger population.

All those limits are based on the hourly production of the sender avatar, so the bigger it is, the more resources may be sent in general.

Marketplace offers

Sending resources through marketplace offers is in general affected by the pushing protection system in a similar way as sending resources directly. However, for players in connection type 1, the offers are not limited, except if the trade history between such players heavily favours one of them.

New and small players

Players in their beginner's protection and players with less than 200 population can only accept 1:1 offers in the marketplace. They cannot create offers that would be disadvantegous to them. Players in the beginner's protection cannot directly send any resources to anyone while outside of beginner's protection, but below 200 population they may send back resources they received, but not more.

Artefacts and WW

Artefact villages may be supplied without restrictions if the transports have at least 50% crop. It is possible to set up trade routes to artefact villages with crop only. Once the building plans are spawned on the gameworld, this restriction for trade routes is lifted.

Wonder of the World villages may be supplied without any restrictions. It is also possible to set up trade routes to such villages without any restrictions.

Supplying crop to your troops

If a player supports another player with troops, the system allows sending additional resources to help feed those troops. Only deliveries that contain at least 50% crop may be used for this.

This extra allowance is the highest for players who are not closely related (see connection types). The amount is also directly related to the supply required by the troops.


Limits when raiding

Stealing resources in battles between unrelated players is not restricted.

There are restrictions, when the attacking and defending players are in the same confederacy or when they have connection type 2 (only when the defender avatar is smaller) or connection type 3 (regardless of population).

When the restrictions apply, they are similar to the limits when sending resources, but are mirrored. That is, the defender is treated as if they were sending resources.

A special limit is in place when a player with connection type 3 with the attacker has recently sent resources to the defender, the attacker won’t be able to steal any resources. A report from such a battle includes a message explaining this. The limit is temporary. Please note that the connection between the attacker and defender does not matter and it doesn’t matter whether the resources were sent directly or through a marketplace offer. This limit was put in place to prevent players go over the pushing system limits by transferring resources through another player.

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