How can I remove a bot / script from my browser?

You may find a bot or a script in many places, such as an app or another program installed onto your PC. While this is not a complete list for finding and removing them, checking your browser is a good place to start.

Travian Legends should always be played with a conventional and unmodified browser such as:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Safari

Other non-conventional browsers can have hidden bots or scripts installed, so their use is not recommended.

It is also possible that a bot or script may have been inadvertently installed as an add-on or extension to your browser. Every browser has an area where these can be checked and removed safely:

Any extension that interacts with the game in any way should be removed completely. Even an extension or script that refreshes your page regularly should be deleted.

Script managers can also be a place where a script or bot that can affect the game can hide. You should open the manager, review all the installed scripts, and fully delete any that may be used on or impact Travian. Alternatively, consider entirely removing the script manager.

You may also play Travian on a different conventional browser without installing your usual extensions, add-ons, or script manager. If you are concerned that anything installed may be against the rules, please get in touch with Customer Services, who will help you further.

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