Weekend Warrior - Game Mechanics

Travian Weekend Warrior is a special server designed to fit the hardcore Travian: Legends experience into the busy lives of players.  It is a short round that allows players to grow in relative peace during the week and engage in intense battles around the weekend. 

The basic setup uses elements from Travian: Legends 4.6 and the annual specials.

~90 days (13 weeks)
Adventures rate
Adventures spawn and introduction of items tier 2 and tier 3 are like on 3x gameworlds
Game versions and speed 
3 - Gauls, Teutons and Romans
The tribes and their advantages
Map size
Advanced start
Codex Victoria Advanced Start
Release on the 7th Friday of the gameworld
Construction plans
Release on the 12th Friday of the gameworld
3 days to construct Wonder of the World
Vacation mode

Protection days versus battle days

The game allows players to have a busy life for most of the week by offering some protection. A week of game play is broken down into 5 protection days and 2 battle days.

Protection days last from Sunday to Friday morning (5:59:59 server time). During protection days the potential damage to players is limited to raided resources, while their buildings, troops and villages are safe.

Battle days are Friday (from 6:00:00 morning server time) and Saturday. During battle days players are not protected.

Protection days Battle days

Protection days offer the following game mechanic changes.

No conquering or siege equipment attacks against other players:
  • Administrator, catapult, and ram units cannot be sent against another player on a protection day. 
  • These units can be moved around and be used as reinforcement on a protection day. 
  • Natar villages can be attacked with siege equipment and chiefed on a protection day.
Night Truce, from midnight to 5:59:59 server time.
  • No attacks of any kind on any player: raid, attack, spy, & siege (no pvp).
  • Units still can be moved around and be used as reinforcement.
  • Wild oases (non-occupied) and Natar villages can still be attacked. 
Troop Evasion: Activated by purchasing the Gold Club but it extends to ALL villages, not just the capital, during the protection days (but not battle days).

Troop Evasion


To allow players to stay in the game during battle days, the hospital has been improved.

100% (instead of 40%) of troops lost in battle are recovered as wounded and can be placed in the healing queue.

Once the wounded have been placed in the healing queue, you can accelerate the healing time by 30%, 60%, or 90% for 24 hours by using Gold.

Besides the above exceptions, the general principle of how hospital works remains the same as on regular gameworlds.

Hospital (regular rules)

End Game

End Game is time-boxed to three days of the last (13th) weekend of the server. It starts on a Friday morning at 06:00 and ends on Sunday at 23:59:59 server time.

Same settings as battle days

  • All attacks against players are allowed.
  • The troop evasion only applies to the capital village.
  • No Night Truce anymore.

 Standard Wonder of The World game mechanic will be used with the following exceptions: 

  • Even though players will have access to the construction plans on the 12th Friday of the server, the Wonder of the World can start being leveled on the 13th Friday of the Server at the start of the End Game weekend.
  • Resource requirements for each level of the Wonder of the World have been reduced so that it is possible to go from level 1 to level 100 during the end game weekend.

Wonder of the World


The first alliance to reach level 100 wins, otherwise… 

The alliance with the highest level at the end of the endgame (Sunday, 23:59:59) wins.

If there is a tie, the alliance who was at the level the longest wins.

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