Hospital and Asclepeion

The Hospital allows treating wounded troops so they can again become part of the army. 

This allows quicker rebuilding of losses after major battles. It’s not cheaper to heal; the costs are the same as training new units; however, the healing time of wounded troops is half that of training a new unit.

Wounded Troops

  • When units from a village with a hospital take part in a battle, 40% of their losses return to the village as wounded.
  • This works in all battles, whether they attacked, defended or were reinforcing another battle.
  • Using bandages (hero items) do not affect this. For example, if the army had 100 losses and the hero used 33 bandages, 33 units will be recovered while 40 will become wounded.
  • Siege engines, settlers and administrators cannot be wounded. Hero is also not affected by the hospital.
  • Troops killed while escaping from traps also do not get wounded.
  • Only units from a village with a hospital at the time of battle may become wounded; otherwise, they die as usual.
  • The wounded unit cannot fight, but they also don’t eat crop.


  • Hospital has a healing queue that works similarly to the training queue in barracks or stable.
  • Healing a unit costs the same as training a new unit of that type.
  • Both infantry and cavalry are healed using the same queue.
  • Troop healing speed is not affected by Artefact or Alliance Bonus or hero items or the Roman Horse Drinking Through.
  • The healing time of troops depends on the hospital level. It is twice as fast as training in Barracks or Stable on the same level.

Healing Example

  • Barracks lvl 20 builds an Ash Warden in 80 seconds.
  • A Hospital level 20 heals a wounded Ash Warden in half of the time, aka 40 seconds.

Wounded Decay

Wounded troops that are not in the process of healing, die continuously over time, at a rate of 10% per day. As soon as you add any unit to the healing queue, it cannot die anymore.

Hospital Destruction and Conquest

  • If the hospital is destroyed, the healing queue continues, and all troops already added to the queue will continue healing (just like the training queue for the barracks). Wounded troops will also continue to die at the normal rate of 10% per day.
  • If the hospital is destroyed in a battle, wounded from that battle are still generated for the defending player - but they will only be accessible when the hospital is rebuilt.
  • If the village is conquered, all troops are wiped as usual, including all wounded troops.


The Asclepeion is a special building of Spartans, which replaces Hospital in their villages. It provides the same features as hospital, with one important change. Instead of recovering 40% losses from battles, it recovers 60% of them. Asclepeion is also easier to build, as it has lower requirements. It also provides a little more Culture Points than hospital.

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