Glory of Sparta - Game Mechanics

Glory of Sparta is the 2022 Annual Special of Travian: Legends. Here’s an overview of its features different to regular new gameworlds.

Main special features kept from previous Annual Special:

New tribe

The Spartans! First time since 2017 a new tribe arrives in Travian. They have their own units and Asclepion - a special building.

The Tribes and Their Advantages

Hospital and Asclepion

Changed Watchtowers

For balancing reason, the watchtowers effect from Tides of Conquests, which improved Rally Point ability to see incoming troops types, was removed. Instead, watchtowers provide additional defence bonus to the walls.

Special Servers - Watchtowers

New spawning mechanics

New players will no longer start the game close to the center of the map. Instead, each quarter of the map has a specific order of regions in which new players will appear. It will start in one region and once all spawning spots are taken, new players will start appearing in the next region, and so on.

Bulk forwarding

Forwarding troops from many villages of many players required a lot of clicking. Now it is much easier with the ability to forward multiple groups of units in one go. In addition forwarding troops to their home is now possible and not result in an error message and unnecessary extra steps.

Hiding attack notification in village list

Marking any incoming attack in Rally Point with a green dot will hide the red swords icon informing about this attack in the village list (Plus Account feature). 

Fake attacks automatically hidden in the alliance members list

Any attack with amount of troops lower than Rally Point level will not be shown in the alliance members list anymore.

Note that this and the previous features are 2 different things and it will be possible for the same attack to be shown in the village list, but not shown in the alliance members list or the other way around.

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