What should I do if my avatar is banned?


What happens if my avatar is banned?

When you log into your avatar, you will see a message that your avatar has been banned for one of several reasons, for example, for sending an inappropriate message, multi-accounting, password sharing, or the use of a bot or a script. Your avatar may have been offered a penalty, which you can choose to accept so that you can continue playing, or it may have been marked for deletion if appropriate.

Any penalties that have been offered will be automatically applied after 72 hours have passed.

If the penalty message does not show or you have already closed it previously, clicking the map icon will re-trigger the penalty message.

Why was I notified about a profile or message restriction?

This is because your avatar has broken the netiquette game rules in some form, for example, you have sent an inappropriate message or had prohibited text on your game profile. The notification will tell you how long the restriction will last. If you have been blocked from sending messages you will still be able to talk to those within your alliance and Customer Services, but no-one else. For more information about this, please contact Customer Service.


By accepting the penalty am I also agreeing with the ban?

No, by accepting the penalty, you can continue your game right away, you can also contact Customer Services for more information or to dispute your ban if you are convinced that you have not broken the rules. 


If I accept the penalty and the ban is wrong will it be reversed?

Yes, if a ban is reviewed and is judged as incorrect then the penalty will be reversed.


Where can I find the punishment offer?

If you close the ban message without accepting the offer or have contacted Customer Services, you can view it again by clicking on the map or attempting to building something.


How can I find out more information about my ban?

By sending a message to Customer Services you will receive additional detail about your ban so you can understand which rule has been broken and how to prevent it from reoccurring in the future. They will also guide you through the process of disputing your ban if you do not agree with it.

What should I do if I believe I am innocent?

When you contact Customer Services, they will explain why you were banned, and which actions violated the rules. If you believe the decision was incorrect, you may give an explanation and ask for the ban to be reviewed. Except for netiquette rule breaches, your Customer Service Representative will then forward it to the Rule Enforcement Team, who will conduct a full review of the ban, this will be done by a different person than the one who banned your avatar originally.


What information should I give to Customer Services when I am banned?

Any brief details about the circumstances involved are helpful. If, for example, you have been banned for password sharing or multi-accounting, it would help if you can explain how and in what ways you have a connection to other avatars. 

In the initial response from Customer Services, you will be given an explanation on the reason for the ban, the dispute process, and a series of questions that you can answer to help the Rule Enforcement Team with their review.


When will I find out the result of a ban review?

In most cases, a review is completed quickly, and you will be contacted with the final result as soon as possible. You will be informed if the ban and penalty are judged to be correct or not. If either the ban or penalty is incorrect you will be given clear information on what has happened, such as reversing a penalty should it have already been applied.

What information can Customer Service provide me about my ban?

While we can't share the details of how the Rule Enforcement detected the violation, there is some information we can provide.

For multiaccounts and password sharing violations, you can get the list of avatars involved in the violation.

For scripts and bots violations, you can get the partial IP on which the script or bot was used, and a timeframe when it was used. If it was a sitter that used a script or bot on your avatar, Customer Service can tell you which sitter it was.

If you have been banned for raiding private farms, you can get the list of private farms for which you were banned.

If you have been banned for being a private farm, you can get the list of raiders who benefitted from raiding you.


I have a payment ban. What should I do?

Customer Services are not able to resolve payment bans however they will give you the information on who to contact and a reference code for the transaction that triggered the ban. Within the message you received, there are instructions to contact chargebacks@traviangames.com to resolve the situation. All questions about your ban should be sent to them.


Should I change my password after a ban?

After your avatar has been released from a password sharing ban, or certain bot or script bans, then it is particularly important that you do. It never hurts to change your password and it could prevent you from being banned again in the future.

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