Every settlement starts with 100% loyalty. As long as there is a Residence, Palace or Command Center in the village, the loyalty cannot decrease.

If the village is not protected by one of those buildings, attacking it with administrators (Senators, Chiefs, Chieftains, Logades, Nomarchs or Ephors) will lower its loyalty. If it reaches zero, the village joins the realm of the attacker.

Conquering Villages

Preventing Conquering

Increasing loyalty

Residence, Palace or Command Center will steadily increase loyalty over time, up to a maximum of 100%. This depends on the level of the building. For each level the loyalty is increased by 2 points per 3 hours.

Hero item tablets of law can be used to increase the loyalty instantly. Each tablet increases loyalty by 1%, up to a maximum of 125%.

Hero Consumable Items

Decreasing loyalty

Each tribe has slightly different base loyalty reducing affect.

  • Roman Senator between 20-30%.
  • Teutons Chief between 20-25%.
  • Gaul Chieftain between 20-25%.
  • Hun Logades between 15-30%.
  • Egyptian Nomarch between 20-25%.
  • Spartan Ephor between 20-25%.

A random factor

The random factor is included in the overview above, and it also depends on the tribe. It's highest for Huns, which means they are the least reliable. If attacking with multiple administrators in one battle, the randomness is only determined once for all of them. This means that even the highest or lowest results are not unusual.

Great celebration of the attacker

If the attacker has a great celebration in the attacking village, their administrators will decrease loyalty by another 5% each. Administrators from other villages are not affected!

Great celebration of the defender

If the defender is having a great celebration in Town Hall in the attacked village, each administrator will reduce loyalty by 5% less. This effect is the opposite to the great celebration in the attacker's village - and if both villages have great celebrations, they cancel each other out.

Morale bonus

The game used to have morale bonus if the attacker's population was higher than defender's. This was removed and no longer applies.

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